Dr Martin Bucksch


Dr Martin Bucksch is a veterinarian, author and keen dog owner. Since 2011 he has been providing Terra Canis with help and advice as consultant, product developer and medical adviser. In 1992 Dr Bucksch completed his studies in veterinary medicine in Italy with distinction.
He then trained as a specialist veterinarian in Germany, the Netherlands, trained as a veterinary dermatologist in Hamburg, Luxembourg, Vienna and the USA as well as taking part in various training courses in the field of nutrition for small animals. His specialist areas are nutrition, intolerances and allergies.

When he is not helping at Terra Canis, Dr Martin Bucksch is a senior partner of a joint veterinary practice in Hamburg and has been active in recent years as a successful specialist author and scientific photographer for several book and magazine publishers. In recent years, together with the Franziskus animal shelter in Hamburg and the German Red Cross, he has also founded a project dedicated to providing veterinary care for the dogs of Hamburg’s homeless people.

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