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Only available in our shop
Gourmet package M - 12x 400g

(1) €9.46 / 1 kg

€50.48 €45.43*

Only available in our shop
Gourmet package L - 24x 400g

(6) €8.49 / 1 kg

€92.67 €81.55*

Only available in our shop
Gourmet package XL - 12x 800g

(2) €7.53 / 1 kg

€76.05 €72.25*

Only available in our shop
Gourmet package M - 12x 400g

(7) €9.92 / 1 kg

€53.52 €47.63*

Only available in our shop
Gourmet package - 15x 100g

(5) €20.41 / 1 kg

€37.83 €33.67*

(0) €13.54 / 1 kg


Joint package

(1) €44.31 / 1 kg

€28.01 €24.37*

Gastrointestinal package

(1) €18.15 / 1 kg

€43.80 €38.11*

Only available in our shop
Gourmet package - 9x 400g

(4) €8.44 / 1 kg

€31.65 €30.38*

Feed packages: try out dog food in 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients 

What tastes best to my dog and how can I find the ideal food for it? Both questions are easy to answer with the Terra Canis feed packages. This is because our feed packages are tailored to the needs of puppies, adult dogs and four-legged friends that need to be fed e.g. a completely grain-free diet. Whether dry food or wet food. With the various packages, you can easily find out your pet’s preferred tastes and learn about the ingredients and the philosophy behind Terra Canis pet food – such as why we feel that only food with ingredients in 100% human-grade quality is fresh, species-appropriate and natural. 

Test packages: 

Our test packages are perfect to gain a small insight into one of our various food lines and test the different varieties and lines with your dog. It doesn’t matter whether your darling prefers wet or dry food. Our CLASSIC menus are suitable for all adult and normal weight dogs that do not suffer from an intolerance to grain or pseudo-grain. The GRAIN-FREE line is grain-free, lactose-free and – as with all our meals – free of all flavour enhancers and artificial colourants, flavourings and preservatives. These menus are suitable for all adult dogs, but especially for those who should be fed grain-free for nutritional reasons or if they have an intolerance to grain and/or lactose. Our Terra Canis PUPPY food is suitable for the youngsters and has an increased content of eggshell powder, so that the puppy is sufficiently supplied with natural calcium during growth. In addition to fresh ingredients, pollen and seaweed also supply the organism with natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. For older dogs, our SENIOR line is perfect. This supports the dog in coping with the typical ailments of old age thanks to e.g. its medicinal herbs. Terra Canis HYPOALLERGENIC is suitable for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes that suffer from allergies and intolerances and should be fed with an exclusion diet. Our menus in the LIGHT line, for example, contain 3% fat and are low calorie – they are therefore well suited for overweight dogs for whom a low-calorie and low-fat diet is recommended. 

Gourmet packages: 

With our gourmet packages, connoisseurs of our food are well served. Here you can get all the varieties of a food line in one package and even save money! The gourmet package is available in various sizes for small and large dogs, in 100g, 400g and 800g.