Birgitta Ornau


From her early years, Birgitta Ornau had a deep love for dogs, cats, and horses. Her journey towards creating Terra Canis and Terra Felis began when she rescued her first dog, Sueno, from Spain. Inspired by the desire to provide pets with nutrition aligned with nature, she embarked on a comprehensive study of animal food products during her Business Studies degree. Dissatisfied with the options on the market, she questioned the lack of appealing taste and appearance in pet food.

Driven by a commitment to species-appropriate nutrition, Birgitta was determined to change the status quo. Why shouldn't pet food smell and look as good as it tastes, with clear and transparent ingredient declarations?

Motivated by her findings, Birgitta decided to revolutionize the pet food industry by introducing Terra Canis and Terra Felis. Her vision was simple yet transformative – pet food made exclusively from ingredients meeting 100% human-grade quality. This commitment set entirely new standards in the pet food industry, and to this day, the philosophy remains unchanged. Terra Canis continues to strive to feed as many dogs and cats as possible with high-quality, nutritionally balanced products.

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