The Terra Canis MARKTRAGOUTS are reminiscent of a traditional ragout.

Depending on the recipe, juicy beef, deer, turkey goulash meat or tender chicken breast and whole chicken hearts, are cooked in the can in ist own meat stock. Finely diced vegetables and fruit, as well as berries and herbs are added on a second level. This way, meat, vegetables and fruit retain their original form and appearance to a great extent. The result is an exceptional, deliciouisly smelling meal for dogs. By combining tender pieces of meat, the colorful mix of vegetables and fruit, and the hearty aroma, it reminds you of a ragout prepared in your own kitchen. All ingredients are 100% human-grade quality.

• Tender goulash meat or chicken breast, as well as chicken hearts, with diced vegetables & fruit
• 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients
• Delicious smell, like a homemade ragout
• Grain-free recipe, developed by veterinarian Hanna Stephan