The first dog food
in 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients

Uncompromising quality for dogs – this is what Terra Canis has stood for since 2005. As the first company to manufacture dog food in a genuine human-grade quality facility, the Munich-based butcher Schäbitz, Terra Canis set completely new quality standards in the pet food segment. The menus are now produced in our new dedicated production facility just outside Munich. Find out more...

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Good hearty fare for dogs - It smells like a home-cooked meal!

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We attach great importance to sustainability in all production

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Einen Gruß an das Team von Terra Canis, wir möchten uns einfach mal bedanken, auch natürlich im Namen von unserer Lotte, nach einer schwierigen Welpenzeit mit Giardien und starkem Gewichtsverlust unserer kleinen Hündin,

Bianca L.

Dear Terra Canis Team, I would like to leave some more customer feedback after all. My 11-year-old whippet was being fussy, and for a time she seemed not to want to eat her [Terra Canis] Senior dog food anymore.

Marvelous world of Tilda

Today it’s all about two of nature’s secret weapons: turmeric and coconut oil❤ I always like to see whether I can add something extra to the good dog food I give Tilda - something that’s good for her gut bacteria and her whole body.

Constanze, Abby und Emma

Hello dear Terra Canis- team, I have two Weimeraner- females. Abby will be eleven on September 9th, and Emma is sweet 16 months. With both of them, we have a veterinary odyssey behind us, that you can´t imagine.

Elisabeth K.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to give you some feedback on your brand Terra Canis.

Pet food in 100% human-grade quality
of all ingredients
is also available for cats.

The best food for your dog: natural, rich in vital substances, balanced

The dog isn't a wolf, of course – and yet taking a look at the natural diet of its relatives can provide important insights into the best food for dogs. After all, the digestive tract and nutrient requirements of the wild and domesticated quadrupeds barely differs. Would a wolf eat its fill in a wheat field? Certainly not, just as your dog wouldn’t. Terra Canis is thoroughly species-appropriate food for dogs with natural ingredients and is completely in line with our philosophy.

Our wet and dry food

• is low-grain or grain-free,
• is manufactured without adding sugar, colourants, preservatives or slaughterhouse waste,
• is proven to consist of ingredients in 100% human-grade quality,
• contains only high-quality muscle meat and nutritious offal,
• is enriched with balanced vegetable components.
This diet is close to the BARF diet, often referred to as the best dog food but which has raw meat as the main ingredient. Terra Canis gently cooks the meat and enriches it with vegetable components. The vitamins, minerals and trace elements made from vegetables, fruit and herbs ensure that no nutrient deficiencies occur and supplies carbohydrates rich in vital substances.

The best food is as individual as the animal itself 

Dogs cannot be lumped together; every animal is different. Its demands of nutrition are as individual as its character. Good dog food takes the breed, age and state of health of the dog into account. In the Terra Canis product range, you can find tailored food lines, from puppy food, adult food and senior food to hypoallergenic and grain-free dog food for food intolerances and light dog food for overweight dogs. In addition, there are fruit, vegetable and herb mixes for a low-purine diet, baked or air-dried, non cold-pressed dry food as complete food, healthy snacks as well as dietary supplements such as oils, pastes and superfoods, with which you can easily compile an optimal nutrition plan for your pet. Take advantage of our knowledge and long-standing experience in the development of the best food.

Simply order the first dog food in 100% genuine human-grade quality of all ingredients online

Easily order the right food for your four-legged friend from our online shop. Numerous different varieties bring variety to the bowl and simply taste amazingly good! If you’re not sure whether your pet will like our food, we recommend our practical food packages to get to know our range and try it out. And when you’ve found their favourite one, you can avoid running out by using our feed subscription. So the best food for your dog really can be quite simple: with Terra Canis – nature that goes through the stomach! :)