This is how Terra Canis ensures that its customer reviews are credible

In order to ensure that the reviews have really been written by those customers who have actually used or purchased the product(s), a credibility check is made using various methods.
Anyone wishing to submit a review must first register using a valid email address. 

In order to establish whether the review has been submitted by a human or by an automatic computer programme (robot), a so-called Captcha is, in some cases, filled out before the review is published. 

The submitted review is only published after a check, during which it is read by a staff member and checked in terms of credibility and content. At this stage, too, the reviews go through a selection process and we only use those which we deem suitable.

In the event that the review violates the conditions of use, the review is deleted by a staff member. 

The content of the reviews may be translated into the respective language.