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Oils and pastes for dogs 

The Terra Canis Oils combine very special oils in a unique blend that is an extremely high-quality food supplement for your dog’s diet. There are countless plant oils on the market for dogs and humans, but never before have the special features of individual oils been combined in this way: Terra Canis Golden Vein: This is the first time rare and precious hemp oil, oil of evening primrose, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, buckthorn oil and sesame oil have been combined in a single product. The “golden vein” contains a high level of precious fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances. Terra Canis Gold Rush: Hemp oil, linseed oil, rosehip kernel oil, argan oil and black cumin oil have been combined in a single product for the first time. It contains valuable fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & phytochemicals. Use as a course of treatment for several days/weeks or as a daily dietary supplement for your dog. Suitable for dogs of any age and breed. 
 The pastes are all based on coconut oil with added natural ingredients from nature appropriate to their particular purpose. In addition to the tried-and-tested „little helpers“, the various pastes also include one or more „special ingredients“ to give each of them a unique composition. The three new pastes are aimed at the problems that most commonly affect dogs. They can be used as supplementary treatment for acute problems, and given permanently to help with chronic problems. All three pastes, plus the Golden Paste, can also be given as preventative measures. They are suitable for dogs of any age and breed. The paste is simply mixed into the food as recommended.