Constanze, Abby und Emma

Hello dear Terra Canis- team,
I have two Weimeraner- females. Abby will be eleven on September 9th, and Emma is sweet 16 months. With both of them, we have a veterinary odyssey behind us, that you can´t imagine.
It all started in October, when our little lady had pneumonia and an intestinal obstruction, probably caused by the former food she was given,plus antibiotics and other medication. From that point on, she coughed constantly and had diarrhea( sometimes bloody). For every examination we had to travel to Munich. So, we were forced to drive 400km there and back. Then, the veterinarian recommended we switch to wet food. Ok.
It continued in January, when the little one had diarrhea again, and the big one started vomiting incessantly, and had a bloody mushy stool. The diagnosis was Pancreatitis. After a lot of various medication, as well as cooking rice for hours, they gave us the tip that we should change her nutrition,and give her exclusively low-fat food and no more common treats. Then the immense chaos started. All of the low-fat brands that were on the market, I didn´t want to inflict on my older lady. It´s even worse if you have a dog that has an allergic reaction to chicken, and vomits all of it out. One evening when everything had gotten too exhausting for me, I started to google. Then, I discovered Terra Canis, and haven´t regretted it for one second! So, we changed completely to Terra Canis for both our dogs, as well as ordering the „Kräuterhelden“. In addition, we ordered Cenpur Vitamin C. Due to all the antibiotics which had diminished the vitamins in their systems. Another success story is, that from that day on there was no more diarrhea, and the blood count of both dogs improved by 100%. Not to forget, our Abby has a wonderful figure now. Due to the pancreatitis, her weight was down to 19 Kg. She was really a bag of bones.
So, before we went on vacation, we put in a quick order so we would be well supplied in Austria (June). We left for our vacation with herbs, Cenpur and, I´m not lying, with 30 cans of Terra Canis. We were looking forward to the Austrian mountains and lakes. Pure relaxation for us, hiking with the dogs. Barely having arrived in Austria, our older lady started to lame, so that we feared we would have to carry her the entire time on longer hikes. Wrong!!! We called our vet in Germany and asked what we should give her, and received it from a vet in Austria. The first day was great- second day, Abby started to vomit to no end. The pancreas didn´t tolerate the medication. Okay, then another solution. On vacation, I googled once again. Just by chance, I landed on the Terra Canis site, and discovered the pastes. I thought it would be worth a try. If the medication doesn´t work, this might be our last resort. We ordered it in Austria. The package, including a full discription of the quantities Abby should receive, arrived just as we returned home. So, we started to give our older lady the joint paste. Every day we noticed an improvement. She seemed much fitter, and walked much easier. After about a week everything went back to normal. Now both dogs chase each other, race to see who can catch a mouse, scare off a bird , or which one can give our neighbors cat the biggest shock.
So, you see , we are giving our dogs only products from Terra Canis. Therefore, it´s very difficult to give feedback on only one product. I can only say that every product we tested was PHENOMENAL. What is the slogan of a well known fast food chain, „ I´m loving it“. For me it´s more like, „WE LOVE IT“.
All of our aquaintances have dogs and suffered and fevered with us during our struggles. They followed which ghost or fad I was going with this time. I would say that they ridiculed me somewhat. They were all proved wrong. So, we´ve accrued new customers for Terra Canis, and no flyer or pampflet lies around for more than two days without someone snatching it. My husband already distributes Terra-Canis-promotion gifts out of our own personal stock,(today, a joint-paste to one of our aquaintances, last week, 6 cans of dog food etc.) . When we take our two dogs on walks, we are approached regularly, and asked what we did to cause this great improvement. All we say is“ Terra-Canis- Gelenkpaste“, with a huge smile. At work, when the topic dog comes up with a customer, it´s always the same… my dog is lame, or my dog is allergic to it´s food. I only respond with Terra Canis.
The best example is the Weber family, who has been fighting with problems with their beagles, food allergies etc….those are the ones my husband gave the Terra Canis cans to. Immediately they put in an order for Terra Canis in value of 100 Euro. Diarrhea is gone, no more constant itching. How does the saying go, „everyone has to start small“. I´m sure the orders will increase😉
Today my mother came to dinner, and asked what that was for joints we used for Abby. She´s also doing a lot of promotion work, and collects all the material I have lying around from Terra Canis for her various aquaintances. Now my question: Do you have a few brochures( pastes; assortment etc.) that I could pass on, and perhaps some for us? Of course, the best advertisement is enthusiastic customers. I´m the best example of that.;-)
Now, I wish you all a wonderful evening and the very best for the future- you´re doing a great job. Keep up the good work!!!
Kind regards,