Marvelous world of Tilda

Today it’s all about two of nature’s secret weapons: turmeric and coconut oil❤
I always like to see whether I can add something extra to the good dog food I give Tilda - something that’s good for her gut bacteria and her whole body.
 🐶🐶🐶 Tadaaa ~ the golden paste by TERRA CANIS 🐶🐶🐶
Eva has already had this. The formula is steeped in years of tradition and the main ingredient is the superfood turmeric from Ayurveda therapy.
You mix it into your dog’s food 2-3 times a week - it has antioxidant properties and strengthens your dog’s immune system.
It supports the liver, aids digestion and keeps cholesterol and blood sugar levels stable - because prevention is better than cure!
It also contains other great ingredients such as aloe vera and camu camu. You should try it! We are very impressed and Tilda always gobbles it up with glee!
WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE TERRA CANIS and your products - whether it’s the wet food in mini portions (which I think are amazing) or your supplementary products, such as the herbal mixtures and the pastes❤❤