Bianca L.

Dear Terra Canis Team, I would like to leave some more customer feedback after all.

My 11-year-old whippet was being fussy, and for a time she seemed not to want to eat her [Terra Canis] Senior dog food anymore. I started looking for alternatives and found a much cheaper feed, but she didn’t like it - and I also think that it didn’t agree with her. How wrong you can be...
Purely by chance, our vet checked her bloods on account of her age, and looked at the results like she couldn’t believe her eyes, because the values for her pancreas were significantly too high. Our natural health practitioner for animals looked at the blood results and was stunned - she had never seen anything like it. But Jadore didn’t have any symptoms.
The vet told me to change her feed straight away. So I changed back to TC Senior and waited to see what the results would be like 6 weeks later - and they were back to normal.
I had been really worried by it all, and I’m very happy that everything is ok again!
Especially when you have an older dog, you want to be sure that everything’s in good working order.
And it’s shown me once again what effect food can have if it’s not up to standard.

Many thanks to the TC Team - never again will I go for another feed instead of Terra Canis!

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