Hathay Bunano

Sustainable dog toy from villages in Bangladesh

The unique Spielies are lovingly crocheted by hand in Bangladesh by the non-profit organisation Hathay Bunano (Bengali for ‘handmade’) in a sustainable manner and exemplary conditions.

During production, for example, care is taken to provide working mothers with adequate childcare and ensure that there is no discrimination towards employees with disabilities, that good training is offered, young people are supported and above-average wages are paid. Hathay Bunano has been a member of the Ecota Fair Trade Forum for many years and is also a member of the Global Compact of the United Nations, a political initiative for the observance of the principles of human rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. With more than 80 factories and over 8000 employees, the organisation has achieved a great deal for the villages in Bangladesh, not only economically but also socially. It was recognised for these achievements by the Queen of England in 2009. All Spielies by Hathay Bunano are handmade from 100% cotton – completely natural and without any chemicals – and filled with polyester. The money for each purchase goes straight to the residents of the village in line with official fair trade regulations. Spielies are suitable for dogs of any age.

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