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400g from €4.29* Ecoset €25.74 from €24.45*

(7) from €10.19 / 1 kg

from €4.29*

200g from €3.29* 400g from €4.29* Ecoset €25.74 from €24.45*

(5) from €10.19 / 1 kg

from €3.29*

200g from €3.29* 400g from €4.29* Ecoset €25.74 from €24.45*

(10) from €10.19 / 1 kg

from €3.29*

Introductory package

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Gourmet package - 9x 400g

(4) €10.30 / 1 kg

€38.61 €37.07*

Only the best from the start

Because the basis for a healthy and long dog life is laid in the first few months.

The basis for a healthy life is laid in the first months of life. During this time the organism easily develops intolerances. It is therefore important to focus on a natural, high-quality and species-appropriate diet from day one. Our PUPPY menus consist of lots of fresh meat, healthy vegetables, fruit and herbs as well as numerous natural nutrient additives (mineral earth, seaweed, brewer's yeast, pollen, rose hip). A high amount of oyster shell and silica provides sufficient calcium in the growth phase and supports the growth of joints and bones. The content of gluten-free pseudograins is at a maximum of 5% so that the small gastrointestinal tract is not burdened. The PUPPY menus are suitable for puppies and young dogs up to a year old.

Snacks for puppies

Nutritional supplements for puppies

Our puppy food 

Our Terra Canis puppy food contains a higher percentage of powdered organic eggshell so that puppies get enough natural calcium while they’re growing. In addition to the fresh ingredients, pollen and seaweed supply the body with natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, essential amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids. The proportion of gluten-free grains is very low at 0 to 6% and thus does not burden the digestive process. The tastiest prerequisites for joyfully discovering the world! Our wet food meals are made in a food processing facility, an Upper Bavarian traditional butcher’s. Only food-grade ingredients are used. In addition to the fresh muscle meat and „good offal“ such as heart and liver, there are over 20 different types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs in our meals. Complete food for dogs.