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1kg from €22.65* 2.5kg from €49.80* 5kg from €98.70*


from €22.65*

1kg from €22.65* 2.5kg from €49.80* 5kg from €98.70*


from €22.65*

1kg from €22.65* 2.5kg from €49.80* 5kg from €98.70*


from €22.65*

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Innovative, tasty and healthy: dry food by Terra Canis 

When it comes to dry food for the dog, many dog owners are uncertain: will the dog take in sufficient moisture that way and will it be properly full? The answer is definitely yes, provided the ingredients and composition are right. The Terra Canis dry food CANIREO contains only the highest quality natural ingredients that give the animal everything it needs. Fresh meat is used instead of cheap animal meal and no grain at all is included. Vegetables, herbs and fruit that supply vitamins and fibre as well as ground eggshell to give calcium and seaweed as a mineral supplement round off the complete diet. You can see an overview of the Terra Canis dog food range here. 

Quality that you can see and smell 

We do not use any meat, bone, fish or feather meal. These meals, which are mainly used in dry food, are usually made up of so-called K3 material (waste materials that are not considered fit for human consumption) and are in no way comparable to human-grade ingredients in terms of quality. 
Another special factor is that CANIREO is made exclusively with fresh meat – 64% fresh muscle meat and 1% fresh liver. Nothing is cold-pressed or extruded, but instead naturally baked until crisp. All the points that we have considered to be critical when it comes to dry food have therefore been optimised. 
The result is a natural, crispy baked dry food of uncompromising quality. The 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients, exclusive use of fresh meat, the high proportion of muscle meat at 64% and valuable coconut flour are what make CANIREO unique. Thanks to the fact that no grains are used and the product contains lots of healthy vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as added nutrients that are completely natural, CANIREO is a truly species-appropriate and near-natural dry food. 

Benefits of dry food 

Dry food is not just healthy; it also offers many other benefits. In contrast to wet food, it trains and cares for the chewing apparatus and produces less waste. If you put a portion of the daily ration as a treat in your pocket, you'll always have a healthy reward with you as well as keeping an eye on the calorie balance. The meat types chicken, game and beef provide variety on the menu and this is only increased if given in combination with our dry and wet food. For optimal digestion and satiation, we recommend soaking our dry food in warm water before feeding. 

From what age is dry food suitable? 

In the first few weeks of life, the mother’s milk is the optimal dog food for the puppy. After the third week, you can start feeding solid food, and dry food is suitable as supplementary food from the fifth week. However, you should only give the animal CANIREO as a complete food once it is grown. This can vary from breed to breed but a rule of thumb is 12 months. Before this, special puppy food is better adapted to the growing organism in terms of its composition. Adult food can contain too much calcium for the puppy. Too much of this mineral substance can damage the skeletal system. That said, too little calcium has just as bad an effect on growth. Dry food for puppies contains exactly the right amount. 

Dried snacks and supplementary food 

Dry food is perfectly suited for processing into delicious dog snacks. In the Terra Canis range, you will find lots of different types that are healthy and will make your dog's mouth water. Even dogs that cannot tolerate grain can pounce happily on these. Our special hypoallergenic and sensitive treats are made without cereals and also well tolerated by allergy sufferers. By the way, our STROLCHIS dog biscuits are ideal as a reward for puppies. Dry food also plays an important role as a supplementary food. If you feed your dog according to the Barf method, our air-dried fruit and vegetable mix ‘Garden Mix’ are the perfect addition to the complete vitamin and mineral supply. With the ‘Herbal Heroes’, you can supplement the food with a wide range of high-quality medicinal herbs and take advantage of the healing power of nature. The special mixes each also have a positive effect on various organs, such as heart and vessels or stomach and intestine. Use the wide range of dry food rich in vital substances available in the Terra Canis product range – your four-legged friend will thank you for it with its fitness and cheerfulness! And you can find the right dog accessories here.