Canireo is the first dry food in 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients. This unique quality is what distinguishes it from all other dry food products on the market.

64% Fresh Meat • Grain-Free • Exquisite Aroma

Canireo is made exclusively from fresh meat. Its high proportion of 64% fresh human-grade muscle meat is what sets this product apart from all other dry food products. Muscle meat is very easy for dogs to digest and its high-quality proteins supply the dog with all essential amino acids and omega-6 fatty acids. The meat content is complemented by 1% liver in human-grade quality, which supplies the dog with vitamin A and lots of other important nutrients in a natural way. We do not use any meat, bone or feather meal, low-quality offal, slaughterhouse waste or carcasses.
To make Canireo, the fresh meat is minced, similar to the minced meat humans consume. Only in this way can it be thoroughly mixed with other ingredients and processed into a homogeneous mass.

In nature, wolves and wild dogs consume plant-based ingredients such as berries, herbs, grasses, roots and fruits. In addition to meat, dogs also need a certain amount of fibre to aid digestion, with this fibre also functioning as a natural source of numerous nutrients and phytochemicals.
For Canireo, we use pumpkin, courgette, carrot, spinach, apple, chokeberry, celery, beetroot, apricot, parsley root and parsnip. These are carefully dried and then chopped very finely. This helps the dog’s organism to optimally absorb and metabolise the numerous nutrients.

Canireo is completed with healthy herbs and a variety of natural additives. These are added in dried and highly concentrated form.
Coconut flour is a modern superfood. And not without reason: it is rich in fibre and both gluten-free and cholesterol-free, as well as low in carbohydrates, calories and fat. All this means that it is ideally suited to dogs who cannot digest grains or gluten. It is easily digestible and has a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Coconut flour contains healthy, medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs) that promote the absorption of minerals and fat-soluble vitamins in food and have a demonstrable effect on regulating the metabolism. Coconut flour also contains all the essential amino acids and therefore provides a healthy source of protein for dogs in addition to the meat.

The result is a natural, crispy baked dry food of uncompromising quality. The 100% human-grade quality, the exclusive use of fresh meat, the high proportion of muscle meat at 64% and the valuable coconut flour are what make Canireo unique. Thanks to the fact that no grains are used and the product contains lots of healthy vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as added nutrients that are completely natural, Canireo is a truly species-appropriate and near-natural dry food.

Try it for your dog. The highly pleasant and tasty smell of Canireo alone reveals the vast difference in the quality of the ingredients.

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