Butchers’ craft

In 2005 – the same year that Terra Canis was founded – Schäbitz Butchers were the first human-grade quality food production business to be given a special permit by the government of Upper Bavaria to produce animal feed. This was only possible because all the ingredients for our dog menus which were processed in the butcher’s each day were of the same quality that products for human consumption must always have: 100% traceable human-grade quality. In doing so, Hermann Schäbitz and Birgitta Ornau, the founder of Terra Canis, achieved something absolutely unprecedented in terms of quality in the animal feed sector, thus setting completely new standards. After a career spanning more than 40 years, Hermann Schäbitz took his well-earned retirement in 2019, handing the baton on to the next generation. All the Terra Canis menus are still produced under the direction of master butchers. This means quality that you can smell and taste – as delicious as a home-cooked meal!