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Coco Boost - coconut and wheat germ oil
Coco Boost - coconut and wheat germ oil

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Oils and pastes for dogs 

With the new O’lixir product range, Terra Canis is offering four different, valuable oils and oil blends to supply our four-legged friends with high-quality essential fatty acids in a natural way. Bottled in Bavaria, the oils in our O’lixir products are of the highest quality and are all in 100% food quality, without exception. Thanks to the practical presentation in 100 ml bottles, they can also be dosed individually. Oils and the essential fatty acids contained play an important role in the healthy nutrition of humans, dogs and cats. They are important for a healthy immune system, a healthy skin barrier and a shiny coat, as well as being anti-inflammatory. Growing or older animals, as well as sick animals, may have a greater need for certain fatty acids than a healthy animal. For this reason, the essential fatty acids play an important role, especially with various symptoms, and are integrated into the treatment of diseases as a supplement.
 The pastes are all based on coconut oil with added natural ingredients from nature appropriate to their particular purpose. In addition to the tried-and-tested „little helpers“, the various pastes also include one or more „special ingredients“ to give each of them a unique composition. The three new pastes are aimed at the problems that most commonly affect dogs. They can be used as supplementary treatment for acute problems, and given permanently to help with chronic problems. All three pastes, plus the Golden Paste, can also be given as preventative measures. They are suitable for dogs of any age and breed. The paste is simply mixed into the food as recommended.