Our principles

Uncompromising quality for species-appropriate nutrition

The wolf catches its prey and digests the parts it finds easily digestible, normally immediately when they are fresh. Plant-based elements such as herbs, grasses, berries or roots are eaten straight from bushes or off the ground. If this intake of food were to apply to humans, it would mean immediately cutting up a freshly hunted and shot animal and preparing the meat for oneself with vegetables, salad and herbs which have been freshly harvested from ones own garden. The freshness and quality of raw materials in a wolf’s natural food spectrum is therefore – apart from the ingredients being cleaned by water – quite similar to human food. However the industrialisation of pet food in recent decades has led to standards completely falling away from this quality of food intended by nature and evolution. Offal, denatured animal and meat meal, old meat, substandard by-products, lots of cheap grain, binding agents, colours and aromas, artificial preservatives and much more are all today’s source material for the production of dog and cat food as part of the waste disposal industry.

The idea and aim behind Terra Canis was and is to bring dog food back to nature, back to the quality and composition of ingredients that nature intended for wolves and dogs.