Our own factory in Petershausen

Sustainability starts with production

When Birgitta Ornau had the idea of founding Terra Canis, she had tremendous vision: she wanted to produce dog food using 100% demonstrable human-grade quality ingredients to provide dogs with almost the same quality food as they would find in the wild. Metzgerei Schäbitz - a traditional Bavarian butcher’s establishment - shared her vision of high-quality meat products for dogs, and was given special permission from the Upper Bavarian government to produce dog food recipes on premises producing food for human consumption. Thus, the first dog food to be made from 100% human-grade ingredients was launched. 

With the constantly rising demand, Metzgerei Schäbitz’s butcher’s shop finally reached its capacity limit in 2019. However, since we accept no compromise on the quality of our products, we built our own production site on the outskirts of Munich, based on human-grade food standards. During the planning and construction phases, we placed great emphasis on environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient building methods. A cleverly-designed, intelligent heat recovery system within the structure makes for an extremely energy-saving production process. The entire building has been built for optimum energy-saving, making savings in many areas. Contributing towards the renaturalisation of industrial areas, a grass meadow has been planted on the roof at Terra Canis production site with special grasses and flowers to provide bees and birds with a natural habitat and a food source. 

And we place huge value on transparency - both in our recipes and in our production processes. With our “transparent production” concept, customers can take a look behind the scenes on a guided tour of the production facilities. So they can see and understand for themselves the high quality and freshness of the ingredients - and for sure, a visit to the Terra Canis herb kitchen makes it obvious where all our recipes get not just their delicious taste, but also their incomparable, appetising aroma. 

Of course, with the new facilities, the quality of Terra Canis products was not changed in any way and our customers can continue to be assured that we only use truly human-grade incredients for our recipes for dogs.

Master butcher Sven Schmidt on the green roof of the production facility

Our products

The first dog food in 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients