Dietary requirements for ill dogs

Because maximum quality of ingredients is essential, especially for ill dogs

The “A limentum Veterinarium” line by Terra Canis is the first veterinarian dog food made exclusively using ingredients of 100% human-grade quality. These menus were developed for dogs with special dietary needs to help them get better when they are ill. Switching to an adapted diet is always necessary when certain metabolic processes or organs need to be specifically supported or unburdened by means of the animal’s food. In the case of food intolerances, for example, certain ingredients need to be cut out of the diet entirely, while kidney problems mean eating less meat, and weight problems require dog food with an adapted fat content. Especially when it comes to supporting the kidneys, it is important to make sure that the dog’s food contains less protein than usual as well as small amounts of copper and phosphorus, which is not the case with standard menus. Thanks to Alimentum Veterinarium, dog owners can rest assured that even if their pets currently have any special needs, they will benefit from the same Terra Canis quality they are used to and receive menus in which all ingredients are of 100% human-grade quality.

High quality = intact digestion

The key to a dog’s digestion is its intestines. 70% of all immune cells are located in the small and large intestines, and almost 80% of all immune responses take place here. That makes the intestines an essential part of the body’s immune system. A healthy gut helps protect dogs against illness more efficiently. The higher the quality of the food and the more digestible it is, the better it helps the intestines stay healthy and maintains an intact digestion and gut flora.

High quality = high-quality nutrients

The higher the quality of the ingredients, the higher the quality of the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates they contain. Especially when a dog is ill, its organism is weakened and must work at peak performance to help the animal get healthy again. Rule of thumb: the higher the density and quality of the nutrients, the better the nutrient supply to the individual organs and the organism as a whole.

High quality = maximum acceptance

One of the problems associated with illness is that diet food is often not well received by dogs. Depending on the severity of the illness, the animal often suffers from a loss of natural appetite. High-quality ingredients of 100% human-grade quality, on the other hand, make the food taste significantly better. This high level of quality becomes apparent the second you open the food tin. The ALIMENTUM VETERINARIUM menus have a fresh and appetising scent and are extremely well accepted by dogs.

High quality = 100% grain-free

All menus in the Alimentum Veterinarium line are 100% grain-free. Other dog food products often contain large amounts of wheat, barley, or corn instead of meat and high-quality plant ingredients. A high grain content in food is not appropriate for dogs; after all, dogs are carnivores and omnivores, meaning their anatomy and especially their shorter intestines are not adapted to the strenuous task of digesting starch. A dog’s organism only contains small amounts of the enzymes required to break down ingested grain. Digesting grain or starch requires significant extra effort, which can lead to a high loss of energy and also impair other digestive processes. This can cause faulty fermentation which, in turn, can damage the digestive tract’s sensitive mucous membrane. As a result, veterinarians are noticing a significant increase in the number of canine patients with grain intolerance issues and a general rise in food-related allergies. Grain consumption causes even further problems for dogs: large amounts of readily utilisable carbohydrates can potentially increase the body’s risk of developing an infection and thereby trigger processes of inflammation, because the inflammatory cells receive enough sustenance to help them persevere and propagate. That is why all Alimentum Veterinarium menus are strictly free of grains and pseudo-grains.

High quality = extremely rich in natural vitamins & minerals

The higher the quality of the ingredients, the higher their content of natural micronutrients. The natural forms of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements have a higher bio-availability than synthetic vitamins and minerals. That is why – especially for ill dogs – it is incredibly important to ensure that their food contains high levels of natural micronutrients in order to supply their organism with everything it needs and support the animal’s health

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