Partner Program for Breeders 

The best conditions 100% food-grade - The Terra Canis special offer for breeders

Dear breeder,

Terra Canis is the first wet animal feed on the market that uses 100% food-grade ingredients and has thus set completely new standards in the pet food market. All our menus contain plenty of muscle meat, high quality offal and fresh fruit and vegetables, and are produced by our experienced Bavarian master butchers at our very own production site near Munich. Unlike many other manufacturers, Terra Canis chooses not to add any low-quality ingredients (so-called category 3 material) at all. It’s a difference that you notice as soon as you open the tin: unlike any other product on the market, Terra Canis smells and tastes like a delicious, home-cooked meal. A balanced, species-appropriate diet is particularly important for puppies and young dogs. In the first months of a dog’s life, the foundations are laid for the healthy development of his organs, bones and immune system. That’s why we recommend feeding your dog Terra Canis right from day one.

Benefits in the Terra Canis online shop for you as a breeder: 

Terra Canis offers special purchasing conditions for you as a professional, animal lover, and partner. As a breeder, you will usually receive 19% discount on any order over €65 you place via our online shop. If you buy our sets of 6 (400g and 800g each), of 12 (200g each) or of 18 (100g each), you will receive an additional discount of 3%. On top of that, we will send you free puppy bags for your puppy buyers. Simply send us an email with your breeder's litter certificate or the precise link to your puppies on your homepage. Please note, however, that all these advantages only apply to purchases made via Terra Canis’ own online shop, and not to those made via other websites. We hope we have piqued your interest with this offer and would be delighted if you choose to use Terra Canis in your breeding or recommend Terra Canis to your customers. You will be amazed by the quality and convincing results!

All the best to you and your four-legged friends!

And here's how: 
(If you are not yet registered:)

  1. Register in our online shop at
  2. Send us a copy of your breeder certificate to [email protected] or by fax to +49/89/693341599 with the subject "Terra Canis breeder programme". 
  3. After the documents have been checked, your personal breeder account will be immediately activated. We will send you a confirmation e-mail, which will also contain your personal breeder number. 
  4. Next time you make a next purchase in the Terra Canis online shop, log in with the e-mail address and password you entered.

Your breeder login is now activated and you can start shopping with a discount of up to 19% off a minimum order of €65.00.