Hanna Stephan


Veterinarian Hanna Katrin Stephan has been fortunate enough to turn her passion for animals into her profession, and as an expert in canine and feline nutrition is in charge of product development and nutritional advice at Terra Canis. 
 Hailing originally from the "far north", Hanna qualified at the renowned University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover in Germany. While then working in practice, she specialised in canine and feline nutrition, and by following all the latest research, studies and new findings on every aspect of this speciality was able to acquire an extensive knowledge and experience of the same. This she is able to put to good use on a daily basis in her work for Terra Canis, where she creates healthy new recipes and products, advises clients on medical issues and provides dog lovers with plenty of reading material. Our vet is ably supported in these activities by her Brittany spaniel, "Schokoschnute" ("Chocolate face"). Schokoschnute is a truly French lady who loves hunting – and testing new creations for Terra Canis, where she is only too happy to oblige at any opportunity. So it is clear that product development and nutritional advice are in perfectly safe "paws" as well as expert professional hands at Terra Canis.

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