Gastrointestinal problems 

Which Terra Canis product is the right one? 

For various reasons, the gastrointestinal tract can present both dog and owner with challenges. Sometimes the dog only needs to be fed with a light diet for a few days; sometimes the stomach or intestine requires a permanent change to a special food or diet. An individual decision must always be made as to which TC food line is the right solution for the dog in order to support it and its digestion in the best possible way.


The SENSITIVE line was developed for dogs with sensitive digestions but who do not have a food allergy or intolerance. The digestion is merely susceptible and reacts sensitively to situations or individual ingredients. The SENSITIVE menus have a reduced variety of ingredients that are light and easily digestible. They promote a stable acid-base balance and are considered to be low in allergens for the dog. The unique SENSITIVE complex of plants, medicinal herbs and vital substances supports the digestion, intestinal flora and gastric mucosa in a natural and gentle way.

Feeding duration:  For the permanent feeding of dogs with sensitive digestions without food allergies or serious or chronic gastrointestinal disease. 

First Aid

With the FIRST AID menus, Terra Canis is now offering a long-proven light diet for dogs’ digestions in tins. These light, grain-free LIGHT DIET menus support the dog’s gastrointestinal tract following acute digestive problems. With this Terra Canis LIGHT DIET, dogs can be fed again in a natural and gentle way after short-term food withdrawal (24–48 hours). This means an illness of the stomach or intestines that is not permanent or serious, but only a short-term disruption to digestion due to increased stress, gastrointestinal infections, incorrect feeding management, inferior food or similar.

Feeding duration:  For the nutrition of dogs with acute digestive problems. FIRST AID LIGHT DIET should normally be fed for two to four weeks. 


The HYPOALLERGENIC menus have been developed by veterinarians and are aimed at dogs that have been diagnosed with a food allergy. If a dog has a food allergy, an exclusion diet should always be carried out in cooperation with the vet to see exactly what the dog reacts to and what it tolerates without symptoms. Dogs should only be given the HYPOALLERGENIC diet suitable for them. This also applies to chews and snacks.

Feeding duration:  For the permanent feeding of dogs with a food allergy  


The Alimentum Veterinarium INTESTINAL vet line was developed for dogs with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The aim of the mild INTESTINAL menus is the rebuilding of the gastrointestinal flora, stabilisation of the electrolyte balance and lasting support for healthy, intact gastrointestinal function.
Feeding duration:  The INTESTINAL vet menus should be fed permanently following consultation with the vet and corresponding diagnosis of acute (up to 12 weeks) or chronic gastrointestinal diseases and accompanied by veterinary treatment.