Kautschos Beef sticks

  • Grain-free chew 
  • Pure meat, single protein
  • Gently air-dried without any additives
  • For dental hygiene, chewing as an activity or as a reward
  • Suitable for all dogs of all ages
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Natural dental care


100% natural


Grain & gluten-free


100% meat


Without unnecessary additives


Dried beef muscle meat


Our Kautschos are tasty and naturals chews, which are also suited for your dog’s dental care.

Kautschos do not contain any chemical colouring or attractant. They are gently dried without additives. All varieties are made from meat from Bavarian slaughterhouses that has been examined by a veterinarian. 

Beef sticks for puppies and young dogs
Our beef sticks are best suited to teething and for general dental care, as a little reward or to keep a dog occupied. After all, chewing reduces stress after great excitement or has a relaxing effect before a little nap. They can be given either as a whole stick or in pieces. 
Please ensure that you always give new treats under supervision to see if the puppy can tolerate them.

Feed material for dogs.

Content: 300g

Analytical components

Protein: 78.4 % fat content: 9.1 % crude fibre: 0.1 % crude ash: 2.8 % moisture: 9.1 %
MJ/kg: 14.8




Mein Welpe liebt es einfach, sie würde sich am liebsten drin wälzen wenn sie könnte.

Isabelle, 27.11.2020


Top Ware ! Unser Hund liebt es

Alexandra Külzer , 12.05.2020