Tree Lover

Meaningful afforestation for sustainable forests

Wood is a precious natural resource. The intensive use of this raw material often prevents trees from growing old properly, as they are cut down early. Furthermore, forests usually no longer grow naturally, but are planned, planted and laid out. This also affects the quality of the forest and wood. Heavy machines are used to clear the wood, which compress the soil and thus change it: as a result, it absorbs less oxygen and is of more limited use. However, forests are a natural asset that must be protected, as they provide an important habitat for many plants and animals. In addition, as natural oxygen suppliers, trees provide important support for our climate. Trees also have positive effects on us, as they are said to regulate blood pressure, calm our minds and sharpen our senses. With the Terra Canis ‘Tree Lover’ menu, 10 cents per purchased tin will be donated to the organisation ‘FAIRVENTURES WORLDWIDE’.

The Project – Fairventures worldwide

Fairventures develops and carries out large-scale reforestation projects in tropical regions. Intelligent agroforestry systems and modern technologies are combined in order to create sustainable forests in which local people can live well and key protagonists in global value chains can contribute to afforestation, improved biodiversity and climate protection. The whole approach is demand-driven: together with the private sector, afforestation is planned in such a way that economically attractive raw materials are produced. Partnerships are formed with local communities to develop and test adequate local solutions. These solutions range from reforestation with fast-growing tree species to the production of sustainable timber and other forestry products and integrated agroforestry. This creates new income opportunities for local people. The Fairventures projects and products offer added value along the entire value chain and at the same time serve to counteract the climate crisis. 

Tree Lover:

Game with chestnut, blackberry and forest herbs

The forest is not only an environmental treasure to be protected, but also has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomic delights. Some of its best and healthiest ingredients have been selected for our Tree Lover menu. Aromatic wild game from wild animals provides a healthy, highly digestible source of protein that is also good for sensitive dogs. Protein-rich chestnuts and alkaline potato ensures that the bowl contains a lot of energy. The best-known tree fruits apple and pear, along with blackberry and forest herbs (birch leaf, mugwort, stinging nettle, thyme), supply lots of healthy vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as phytochemicals. The natural additives seaweed, brewer’s yeast, rose hip, eggshell, mineral clay and linseed oil give the dog treat the perfect finishing touch.