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Virtual Charity Can "Assistenzhunde Bayern e.V." for Elias & Spencer

  • Support Elias & Spencer
  • Your donation makes the training as an assistance dog possible
  • In cooperation with the association Assistenzhunde Bayern e.V.
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Our cooperation partner Assistenzhunde Bayern e.V. is a non-profit self-help association that supports disabled and chronically ill people in acquiring and training assistance dogs. Through them we became aware of Elias & Spencer.Elias (10 years old) has an autism spectrum disorder (Asperger), as well as attention-hyperactivity syndrom (ADHS). He, and his family have been fighting for years with this extreme and challenging situation in their daily lives, which has become increasingly debilitating. For one year they have a new family member named Spencer (bearded collie/assistance dog), which is very well suited, being a herding dog, to care and watch over Elias if he’s having a tantrum or fit of rage, if he runs away, or is in acute danger of harming himself.To train a dog professionally, and to pay for ist upkeep is very costly! Unfortunately statutory health insurance does not cover or subsidise the training of an assistance dog. Therefore, all costs must be carried by the family. Therefore, we have decided to provide for the cost of the feed, as well as visiting them both on a regular basis. We will report on their progress, in order to create more awareness for this illness, and to show the sensational work that assistance dogs can offer.
With our virtual charity can, you can help support the training of Spencer as an assistance dog for Elias. For every "Assistenzhunde Bayern" charity can purchased, 100% goes to the Assistenzhunde Bayern e.V. association.

*Please note: this is a virtual can, no can will be included with your delivery.