Essential 8 Chicken and Turkey

  • All raw materials 100% food quality
  • Produced in Terra Canis’ own production facility near Munich
  • Essential 8 – eight selected ingredients each supplemented by another type of meat create a balanced dog menu
  • Developed by a team of veterinarians
  • No added animal by-products, flavourings, preservatives, synthetic binders and sugar
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6x 780g
Art.No. T180005 ·€5.13 / 1 kg
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100% human-grade quality of all ingredients


Produced by master butchers


Developed with veterinarians


Delicious smell


Without unnecessary additives


Without animal testing


Chicken (stomach 19%, skin), turkey (stomach 11%; liver 6%), carrot (19%), courgette (16%), millet, apple (6%), rapeseed oil, coconut flour, sage* (0.3%), chervil*(0.3%), thyme* (0.3%), minerals *=dried

Nutritional additives/kg:
Vit. D3 (3a671): 263 IE/IU/IU copper / Kupfer / cuivre / rame / cobre (3b405): 0,75 mg · iodine / Jod / iode / iodio/ yodo (3b201): 0,6 mg · Zinc / Zink / zinco (3b603): 15 mg

Terra Canis ESSENTIAL 8 + Turkey

Essential 8 – simply good!

Essential 8 – these are eight extremely healthy basic ingredients for dogs, which together make a balanced dog menu that smell delicious and taste exquisite. The basis is formed by two valuable types of meat, which combine the best of two protein sources. For example, tender chicken meets flavourful horse or succulent beef meets low-fat chicken, while chicken and turkey come together to form a succulent meat base for poultry lovers.

The meat is joined by six other wonderful ingredients. Alongside energy-rich millet is a classic selection from local gardens and orchards: crunchy carrots, mild courgettes and vitamin-packed apples provide natural nutrients that not only taste great to the dog, but also support a healthy immune system. Fine rapeseed oil provides essential fatty acids that are important for the dog’s skin, coat, immune system and digestion. What’s more, fat is essential for the absorption of vital, fat-soluble vitamins.

The Essential 8 also includes the superfood coconut flour. Rich in fibre, with no gluten, phytic acid, cholesterol and low in fat, it combines all the good properties of a healthy raw material. As a supplier of essential amino acids, coconut flour is also a healthy source of protein for dogs.

Native herbs round off the Essential 8: thyme, chervil and sage not only come with their highly aromatic fragrance, but are also rich in natural vitamins, minerals and fibre as well as secondary plant substances.

Produced in Terra Canis’ own production facility near Munich, only raw materials in 100% food quality are used. No animal by-products, flavourings and preservatives, synthetic binders and sugar are used. The balanced composition of the menus is ensured by a team of veterinarians. The appetising aroma and fine taste unmistakably reveal the Terra Canis signature, which has always stood for the very highest quality in dog bowls. The Essential 8 follow this promise of quality and provide wonderful menus suitable for all adult dogs. Simply good.

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Analytical components

Protein: 8.8 % fat content: 3.9 % crude fibre: 1.0 % crude ash: 1.1 % moisture: 74.3 %
MJ/kg: 4.3

Feeding recommendation

Dog's weight - Feeding recommended/day:
(adult, normal-weight dog)
300 - 400g
10kg 500 - 600g
20kg 700 - 900g
30kg1000 - 1300g
Approximate values to be adjusted to your dog's individual circumstances (exercise area, activity level, breed, metabolism, time of year).
We recommend regular weight checks.

Keep in a cool and dry place. Once opened, cover the can, refrigerate and use within 4 days.