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Grain-free Superdog – Chicken with beetroot, mango and superfoods

  • 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients
  • Produced in-house with love & care
  • Social commitment in the dog‘s bowl
  • 10 cent donation to Vita Assistenzhunde e.V.
  • Grain free - high meat content, lots of fresh fruits, vegetables & herbs
  • Suitable for all normal weight adult dogs of any breed

Art.No. 140080 ·€9.58 / 1 kg
6x 400g
Art.No. T140080 ·€9.29 / 1 kg
€22.98 3 % save €22.29*
12x 400g
Art.No. M140080 ·€9.19 / 1 kg
€45.96 4 % save €44.12*
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100% human-grade quality of all ingredients


Without unnecessary additives


Grain & gluten-free


Developed with veterinarians


100% natural


With calcium from oyster shells


Chicken heart (24%), chicken stomach (18%), chicken muscle meat (9%), chicken liver (9%), pumpkin, beetroot* (6%), broccoli, romaine lettuce, mango (4%), apple, parsley root, strawberries, coconut flour (1%), rapeseed oil, desiccated coconut, chia seeds* (0.4%), yeast*, oyster shell*, chervil*, lavender*, sage*, maca* (0.2%), ginkgo* (0.2%), rosehip*, barley grass* (0.2%), mineral clay, Andean salt, spirulina* (0.1%), minerals.*dried

Nutritional additives/kg:
Vit. D3 (3a671): 350 IE, Vit. E (3a700): 75 IE, copper (3b405): 1 mg, iodine (3b201): 0,8 mg, zinc (3b603): 20 mg

Meat : vegetables/fruit/herbs : other raw ingredients = 60% : 37% : 3%

Terra Canis VITA Menu

In the year 2000, Tatjana Kreidler founded the non-profit organisation VITA Assistance Dogs (VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde), which is financed solely via donations and the support of friends, patrons and sponsors. Since then, VITA has been a pioneer in the training of assistance dogs for children all over Europe. The work of VITA assistance dogs is based on a holistic approach as part of which people with disabilities and other conditions are shown new, positive ways of approaching life. The dog, as the assistant from the animal realm, is at the centre of this. In addition to being a helper in practical, everyday matters, he is a “four-legged friend and medicine” who offers “his” human psychological, physical, social and cognitive support - for all of his dog years.

A trained assistance dog can fetch objects, help someone get dressed, and get first aid in an emergency. His actions open doors - both literally and figuratively. His presence removes inhibitions, builds bridges and plays an important part in integrating his humans into society. Working and living with the dog serve to increase self-confidence and offer a new type of independence, more openness, empathy and courage with which to face everything life has in store. For their humans, VITA assistance dogs are therefore invaluable companions who give them the opportunity to experience wonderful moments and possibilities - both great and small. At VITA, the dogs’ wellbeing is the first priority. VITA dogs are partners who are afforded great respect and appreciation. Every VITA assistance dog leads a species-appropriate life with the best nutrition, plenty of time outdoors and lots of love. VITA’s philosophy is that only under these conditions can the dog realise his potential for the benefit of the people he is to help.
Terra Canis has been a supporter of VITA Assistance Dogs for many years. The VITA “Super Menu for Superdogs” is meant to be an additional support for the furry helpers - because not only is their work important - it is also a true achievement for the animal realm which deserves thanks and respect.

The Charity VITA Superdog Menu is aimed at all four-legged superheroes - be they great or small. Fresh chicken meat provides a healthy basis, with plenty of valuable protein to help the dog take on important tasks. Pumpkin, beetroot, Romana salad and broccoli combine with apples and strawberries to create a varied mix of fruit and veg which ensures the dog has enough vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals in his bowl. The menu is rounded off with some very special ingredients. To guarantee that there’s enough energy on offer each day, the Menu for Superdogs is enriched with real superfoods: maca, ginkgo, hibiscus and spirulina provide a great range of essential micro-nutrients. Only non-industrially produced ingredients are allowed to be labelled as superfoods - and they are characterised by particularly high vitamin, mineral and antioxidant contents. This particularly high density of nutrients means that the natural superfoods have a positive effect on the fitness, immune defences and health of the dog. Even just small amounts of these healthy natural products go a long way towards meeting a dog's needs in terms of nutrients.

To date, VITA e.V. has brought together 55 human-dog teams (29 of which including children), and accompanies them on a long-term basis. Why not support VITA Assistance Dogs by giving your four-legged superhero the Superdog Menu? More information on VITA e.V. is available from:
Complete food for dogs.

and many more ...

Analytical components

Protein: 7.9 % fat content: 3.9 % crude fibre: 0.7 % crude ash: 1.4 % moisture: 82.1 %

Feeding recommendation

Dog's weight - Feeding recommended/day:
(adult, normal-weight dog)
300 - 400g
10kg 500 - 600g
20kg800 - 1000g
30kg11000 - 1400g
Approximate values to be adjusted to your dog's individual circumstances (exercise area, activity level, breed, metabolism, time of year).
We recommend regular weight checks.

Our promise of quality

With their unique concept ‘Dog nutrition in 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients, Terra Canis set completely new quality standards in the pet food industry 16 years ago. Thanks to a special permit from the government of Upper Bavaria, pet food was able to be produced for the first time in a genuine human-grade quality company, the traditional Munich butcher’s shop Schäbitz. This was made possible by the fact that, right from the very start, only ingredients were used which, thanks to their freshness and highest quality, were officially approved for human food products at the time of processing. This uncompromising quality and the associated delicious, appetising smell set Terra Canis menus still today apart from all other products on the market.
Due to the constantly increasing demand, the butcher's shop in the heart of Munich has reached its capacity limits. As quality is of the highest priority for Terra Canis, the menus will now be produced in their own new facility just outside Munich. Manufacturing the products within “the own four walls” enables maximum control over the quality of all ingredients and production processes. In addition, both master butchers from Schäbitz butcher’s in Munich and their entire team have been brought over, bringing with them decades of experience and expertise in the butcher's trade. All the ingredients used, the production site and the hygiene concept are still subject to 100% human-grade standards. Terra Canis customers can therefore continue to rely on the human-grade quality of the ingredients in all products.

Introducing our master butcher