Butcher's best Pure turkey

  • 100% Human-grade quality of all ingredients
  • Produced in-house with love & care
  • Pure meat, single protein
  • Grain-free and lactose-free
  • A practical alternative to a raw meat diet
  • BARF substitute for holidays and travel
Art.No. 140402 ·€9.58 / 1 kg
6x 400g
Art.No. T140402 ·€9.29 / 1 kg
€22.98 3 % save €22.29*
12x 400g
Art.No. M140402 ·€9.19 / 1 kg
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Produced by master butchers


With calcium from oyster shells


Without unnecessary additives


Grain & gluten-free


Developed with veterinarians


Turkey heart (78%), turkey liver (11%), turkey muscle meat (8%), oyster shell*, mineral clay*, brewer’s yeast*, rapeseed oil, seaweed*  *dried

Meat/offal : other raw ingredients = 97% : 3%


BUTCHER’S BEST is manufactured in the Terra Canis dedicated factory near Munich, managed by genuine master butchers. The pure meat tins comprise 97 % fresh muscle and heart meat as well as vitamin-rich liver. Essential vitamins and minerals are provided to the dog via the natural additives rapeseed oil, brewer’s yeast, seaweed, mineral clay and eggshell. All ingredients are of human-grade quality. BUTCHER'S BEST meat tins can be complemented by fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs to create a complete meal. BUTCHER’S BEST is suitable for all followers of a genuine raw meat diet as an alternative while on the go, for holidays or whenever a quick meal is required. This line is also ideal for all ‘Light’ BARF diet followers who want to implement the B.A.R.F. concept but whose dogs do not like raw meat or cannot tolerate it well. The purely vegetarian Terra Canis Garden Casserole is perfect for mixing with the pure meat tins.

Dietary supplement for dogs.

and many more ...

Analytical components

Protein: 11.7 % fat content: 4 % crude fibre: 0.1 % crude ash: 1,4 % moisture: 81,8 %

Feeding recommendation

Terra Canis/24 h
5 kg – 80g/kg body mass
10 kg – 65g/kg body mass
20 kg – 55g/kg body mass 
30 kg – 50g/kg body mass

Can replace a complete meal 1 – 2 times/week. Only recommended as a daily feed in consultation with a vet or nutritionist. 
These values are approximate.

Our promise of quality

With their unique concept ‘Dog nutrition in 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients, Terra Canis set completely new quality standards in the pet food industry 16 years ago. Thanks to a special permit from the government of Upper Bavaria, pet food was able to be produced for the first time in a genuine human-grade quality company, the traditional Munich butcher’s shop Schäbitz. This was made possible by the fact that, right from the very start, only ingredients were used which, thanks to their freshness and highest quality, were officially approved for human food products at the time of processing. This uncompromising quality and the associated delicious, appetising smell set Terra Canis menus still today apart from all other products on the market.
Due to the constantly increasing demand, the butcher's shop in the heart of Munich has reached its capacity limits. As quality is of the highest priority for Terra Canis, the menus will now be produced in their own new facility just outside Munich. Manufacturing the products within “the own four walls” enables maximum control over the quality of all ingredients and production processes. In addition, both master butchers from Schäbitz butcher’s in Munich and their entire team have been brought over, bringing with them decades of experience and expertise in the butcher's trade. All the ingredients used, the production site and the hygiene concept are still subject to 100% human-grade standards. Terra Canis customers can therefore continue to rely on the human-grade quality of the ingredients in all products.

Introducing our master butcher




Greta liebt es

Mein Basset Hound Mädchen liebt das pure Fleisch. Sie ist kein Fan von Gemüse aber mit euren Gemüsetöpfen ist das pure Fleisch ein Genuss.

Beatrice, 22.09.2022

produit en sauce

Produit avec trop de sauce. Mon cocker le mange mais il prèfère le pure boeuf

irish, 22.02.2020

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