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Wet food for dogs: tasty and healthy for your pet 

Terra Canis launched the first wet food line for dogs made with ingredients in 100% human-grade quality to specialist retailers back in 2005 and thus set new standards on the dog food market. The menus were produced right from the start in a multi award-winning Munich butcher's. Due to the constantly increasing demand, the butcher’s shop in the heart of Munich has now reached its capacity limits. As quality is of the highest priority for Terra Canis, the menus will now be produced in our new factory just outside Munich. All the ingredients used for our menus, the production site and the hygiene concept are still subject to 100% human-grade standards. In contrast to many other products on the pet food market, which are made using so-called category 3 material, Terra Canis dog food menus smell delicious and very appetising, just like home-made food. That’s the big difference! Follow us in providing natural, species-appropriate and high-quality nutrition as nature intended for the wolf or dog, far removed from chemicals, waste and industrially made fast food products. Terra Canis has the right dog food for every dog and occasion – CLASSIC wet food menus in several varieties, grain-free dog food from the SENSITIVE line, LIGHT food for overweight dogs, HYPOALLERGENIC dog food for the allergy-stricken and PUPPY food. Always tasty and always healthy. Terra Canis even offers treats and small rewards. Order your wet food from the Terra Canis online shop. 

Wet food for species-appropriate nutrition 

Many dog owners wonder whether wet or dry food is better for their animal. In our opinion, wet food is more in line with the dog's natural nutritional needs. After all, the prey of our four-legged friends in nature would also comprise a significant proportion of water. However, there is nothing to stop you using dry food provided enough liquid is supplied along with it. We therefore recommend that you soak our dry food. And what about the little ones? As puppies in the growth stage have special demands when it comes to the energy and nutritional value of food, our special puppy wet food is the right choice here. It contains everything the puppy needs to grow big and strong. 

Feed correctly, store correctly 

To ensure that your dog is optimally supplied with all nutrients but doesn’t grow too fat, the daily food amount must be right. On our products we give a feeding recommendation that you can use as a guide. Adult animals are normally fed one portion twice a day, puppies up to four times a day. When it comes to calorie balance, think about treats too! Regular weight checks will help you ensure that your four-legged friend doesn't put too many pounds on. When it comes to storing our wet food: open tins should be stored in the fridge. where they will keep for 2-3 days. Allow the food to warm up a bit before feeding – the dog will tolerate this better than cold food straight from the fridge. This will also help its body utilise the food better.