Susanne & Chip

11 December 2019 | Feedback

Dear Vets,
We would like to tell you a bit about our experience with Terra Canis. In early 2019, our 13-year-old Parson Russell terrier was diagnosed with pancreatitis. He slept a lot, didn’t play as much and would eat grass before throwing it up again. He also had recurrent diarrhoea, as well as extreme hair loss.Up to that point, we had been giving him brand-name dry food, which he would wolf down.

Due to his pancreatitis, we were forced to switch him very quickly to a low-fat diet. Initially, the surgery provided us with a diet food with an extremely high rice content. Almost immediately, this resulted in severe diarrhoea and vomiting. We therefore cooked him some chicken breast. We tried adding potatoes or, as an alternative, carrots. The result was the same as with the diet food. He grew ever weaker and thinner, with frequent bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea. He was sleeping even more than before and wasn’t really aware of what was going on around him. And he hardly had any appetite. Outside, he would try to eat other animals’ faeces and various plants. At my wits’ end, I started looking for a new food online, which is when I came across Ali Vet from Terra Canis.

Having discussed the matter with the vet, we then placed an order. As though Chip knew exactly what was going on, he didn’t leave my side on the day the parcel arrived. I could hardly believe my eyes as he devoured his new food. Much to his disappointment, we had to introduce his new diet slowly on account of the circumstances. He loves it and tolerates it well. About four weeks after trying it for the first time, we started noticing a change. He is more alert. He is full of curiosity and zest for life again. His love of play is once again evident. He runs, jumps and digs like there’s no tomorrow. His hair loss has stopped. I kept trying to add tiny amounts of sweet potato, carrots or parsnips to his food. I was impatient for him to start regaining weight. Not a good idea. He became quieter again – and started defecating more frequently, with softer stools. I now know that the composition of the food is just right as it is. It makes him energetic, alert, playful and fun – just as you’d expect from a Russell Terrier. I won’t interfere with his food again Good things take time. He recognises the parcels when they arrive, ripping and clawing at them until he can see the tins. As I don’t just receive parcels from Terra Canis, I am amazed that he can actually recognise their deliveries. And he still keeps his eyes firmly trained on me when I head towards the food shelf. I would never have thought that my little scrapper could get so excited. He’s always liked his food, but has never loved it as much as this.The food may seem expensive at first glance, depending on what people are used to buying. But it’s worth every penny! It smells just as good as it looks. And it has given my little terrier a whole new lease of life. His blood test results are good again. He is a bundle of joy – and is as funny and inquisitive as he was before his illness. And that’s exactly what pet owners want for their furry friends.

Kind regards,

Susanne & Chip