Save the Planet

Dog menus that make the world a slightly better place

With its ‘Save the planet’ line, Terra Canis makes a statement in the cause of environmental protection, as dogs can also be potential eco-warriors. Each purchase of a tin of one of the three ‘Save the planet’ menus supports environmental projects for sustainable energy, clean seas and tree protection. You can find the right ‘Save the planet’ menu that reflects your dog’s preferences and the environmental cause closest to your heart here. The idea behind the menus is to actively involve our dogs in environmental protection while ensuring that they benefit from species-appropriate, healthy and natural nutrition. The menus are based on ingredients that are characteristic of or suitable for the respective project theme and also offer myriad health benefits for your dog. Protein-rich chestnuts, protective turmeric, algae from the sea and vitamin-rich sea buckthorn, for instance, provide dogs with countless natural nutrients. All the environmental protection menus rely on easily digestible ingredients and a completely dog-friendly composition with lots of natural nutrients. Thanks to our ‘Save the planet’ menus, environmental protection starts in the bowl and can make a positive difference – to both the climate and to dogs.

The world is a fine place and worth fighting for

Ernest Hemingway

Our sustainable menus

Let your dog do their bit for the environment