With heart & soul

Our master butcher Sven

After learning the butchery trade and following many years of experience in the Bavarian family butchery Schäbitz, Sven is now responsible for the production of Terra Canis – because our master butcher Hermann Schäbitz is entering well-deserved retirement after more than 40 years in the industry. However, he will continue to support us with his decades of experience in a consultancy capacity. In 2005, the year Terra Canis was founded, his butcher’s shop was the first human food company to receive special permission to produce pet food. This was only possible because all the ingredients that were (and still are) processed here every day meet the same quality standards that are mandatory for human consumption: 100% verifiable human-grade quality. Hermann Schäbitz has thus created an absolute innovation in quality in the animal feed industry and set new benchmarks together with Birgitta Ornau, the founder of Terra Canis. Now, a new generation is taking over and the same applies: all Terra Canis menus are expertly and masterly produced by butchers. Quality that you can smell, taste and test. The highest product quality and 100% genuine human-grade quality of all ingredients at Terra Canis is proven to the highest standards and is constantly monitored.