Jamuna Ball Hunter

  • Features a solid rubber ball
  • Also features a practical throwing rope
  • An all-time favourite and must-have toy for all active dogs
  • Can also be selected as a free gift on orders over €90
1 piece
Art.No. 910009
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Whether or not you were good at throwing in sports at school, we know you are bound to enjoy throwing the Jamuna Ball as far as you can to your four-legged friend!  Your dog will jump (and maybe bark!) for joy, and will hardly be able to wait for the ball to finally soar up high through the air in an arc before landing somewhere at the other end of the field. The JAMUNA Ball has rightly earned a reputation as a classic dog toy. Generations upon generations of dogs have spent many a joyful hour chasing after a ball, and many generations more will follow in their pawsteps. This solid rubber ball with its throwing rope will win you over with how wonderfully well-suited it is to flying through the air. It can be thrown as far as your ability permits. On your marks… set… go! Please note: never leave your dog unsupervised while playing. No toy is indestructible. To prevent injury, the toy should be checked regularly for damage and loose parts. If necessary, the toy should be replaced.