General Competitions & Conditions Of Participation 

Organizer of the competition is Terra Canis GmbH, Parkring 29, 85748 Garching (hereafter Terra Canis).

1. Online shop drawing

The Terra Canis drawing in our online shop, will be held once a month for all orders and new shop registrations. The winners will receive a surprise package from Terra Canis. The prize can also be donated if preferred. The prize (a surprise package, with an assortment of Terra Canis products worth 50,00€) will be raffled off monthly to all customers who place orders, or to all newly registered customers in our online-shop The registration must include the email address, full name and address. Incomplete registrations will not be eligible for the monthly raffle. The winner has the possibility to make a donation. In this case a package will not be delivered, but a donation of 100€ from Terra Canis will be sent to the organisation Assistenzhunde Bayern e.V. which supports assistance dogs. The association helps people with physical disabilities to gain more independence and quality of life with an assistance dog.

The data of the winners will be used solely for shipping purposes and will not be saved or shared with third parties.

2. #hashtag raffles

The Terra Canis #hashtag raffle will be held monthly considering all tags with #terracanisdogsunbox. The prize is a surprise package from Terra Canis (alternative: donation). The prize (a package with an assortment of Terra Canis products worth approx. 50€) will be raffled off monthly considering all tagging on social media. The tagging must include the hashtag #terracanisdogsunbox. Incomplete publication will not be admitted to the monthly raffle. The winner has the possibility of donating. In this case, a package will not be sent, but a donation of 100€ will be given to the association Assistenzhunde Bayern e.V. This is a non-profit self-help association that helps handicapped and chronically ill people acquiring an assistance dog and for the training.

For no. 1&2 of the contests, there are additional factors:

The raffle begins on the 1st of every month at midnight, and ends on the last day of the month at 11:59p.m. Participation is free and anyone aged 18 and over residing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is allowed. Terra Canis employees and everyone involved in the design and implementation of the competition are excluded from participation. The prerequisite for participation is that the data is entered truthfully and personally. Participation through a service provider who enters the data of its clients in competitions, like competition entry services - is not permitted. Everyone can only participate once. Each month, the Terra Canis marketing team will randomly select the winner among all participants in front of a jury. More details will be given to the winners in their prize notification. The notification will be sent by DM within 72 hours after the end of the raffle. The prize will be sent to the provided address. The participant is responsible for the accuracy of the contact details. If the winner provided Terra Canis false information, the prize will be annulled. In this case, a new winner will be raffled out.

Terra Canis reserves the right to modify, interrupt or end the offer at any time, without prior notification. Terra Canis reserves this right, should there be higher technical forces (e.g. problems with computer viruses, manipulation, or problems with hard/and, or software. Or, if there are legal issues that make it impossible to continue the game according to the rules. Terra Canis is not liable for losses, malfunctions or delays caused by circumstances that are not within our power. Prizes cannot be paid out in cash. Prizes may not be transferred or handed over to someone else.

3. Instagram & Facebook contests

The winner will be determined after the entry deadline by random generator and will be contacted promptly. Everyone can take part that is 18, lives in Germany, Austria and Switzerland or has permission from their parents. The contest has no connection to Instagram or Facebook. No cash flow. Prize entitlement cannot be transferred or given away. Legal action is out of the question. No liability for damage. The amount of the prize will be posted respectively on social media. Data of the winners will only be used for shipment, not saved or given to third parties.

Legal action is not permitted. German law applies exclusively, place of jurisdiction is Munich. Effective date: 19.07.2021