Dear Terra Canis team,

I’d like to talk to you about the transformation of our Bali…

Our Bali will turn 7 years in February.

He’s a mini Yorkshire Terrier and weighs 2kg. However, we didn’t purchase him as a mini!!!

After coming to us, he didn’t feel very good after about 2 days. He was itchy and had diarrhea.

The breeder said that this was normal and caused by the excitement about moving to a new home.

When it didn’t get better after one week, we went to the vet. He didn't diagnose us or Bali well. Allergic reactions!!!

We switched his food immediately. However, nothing really changed…

Then he was given cortisone for the first time (he was still a puppy). We then had to change his food again, and he had to take a lot of medication. It's been that way all these years.

3 years ago, something horrible happened. Our little Bali was attacked by the Rottweiler from the neighbourhood and thrown half dead. Then three surgeries followed. First, his bite wounds were operated on, then his right knee. When he finally felt better after the attack, the other knee joint began to cause problems (due to the relieving posture). Bali couldn’t walk anymore. He had to undergo surgery again!!!

And he was still itchy…

After everything was fine with the legs again, we focused on the food again. At the same time, he was still given cortisone (over years). When severe side effects occurred, they didn't want to give him another chance - he should live like this until the end!!!

That couldn't be a good life!!!

Then the TV ran YOUR commercial!!!

We took heart.

So the next morning we immediately went to the pet shop and what a luck - the company TERRA CANIS was on site for a test meal!!!

We were given great advice and received a lot of samples.

Bali ate of everything... And he found everything tasty, which wasn't the case with every food!!!

He preferred the kangaroo with parsnips. The nice gentleman also recommended us this variety because of the allergy.

So we bought it!!! And what shall we say...The itching, the stomach ache and the flatulence were getting better from day to day!!!!! We found out for ourselves what our Bali was allergic was the artificial flavours and colours and the artificial vitamins in the food!!! Terra Canis food doesn’t contain any of that!!! We also changed the vet. One who knows about allergies. Bali didn't feel good at the beginning of the therapy; his liver had tripled due to years of cortisone administration. If we hadn't stopped the cortisone immediately, we wouldn't have Bali today!!!

He then received a highly concentrated homeopathic remedy, which began to take effect after only 2 days. Bali's tummy became smaller and smaller. He hardly had any stomach aches ...he even played with other dogs again, hard to believe. He was back, back in life. His coat began to grow; he no longer stank, and his coat was no longer greasy. It shone in the sun. We were all soooo happy!!! Finally he can be a dog!!!♡♡♡♡ Bali no longer needs cortisone; he now gets an injection every 3-4 months due to his allergies. His little body copes well with this. No side effects!!!

Now he has unfortunately reacted to the parsnips in the new food, but that was no problem at TERRA CANIS. Immediately they gave us professional advice. Now Bali is fed kangaroo with pumpkin, and everything is in perfect order again!!<3<3 <3 That was the story of little Bali and its suffering until we got to know Terra Canis.

Thank you so much for everything <3<3<3

Regards from Bremen,

Bali <3 and his family