Our own factory in Petershausen

Sustainability starts with production

Due to the constantly increasing demand, Schäbitz butcher’s shop in the heart of Munich has reached its capacity limits. As quality is of the highest priority for Terra Canis, the menus will now be produced in the new factory just outside Munich. ‘It goes without saying that the Terra Canis quality concept will not change in any way in our new production facility’, promises founder Birgitta Ornau. ‘On the contrary: our new production facility was built in line with human-grade quality standards and is operated as a human-grade quality food company. As such, both the production process and the hygiene concept as well as all stored and used ingredients for our menus follow 100 % verifiable human-grade standards. The entire staff of the traditional Schäbitz butcher’s shop in Munich, including the master butchers, was taken on, thus drawing on the many years of experience of and skills from the butcher’s trade’. The advantage with in-house production is having the best possible and maximum control over quality. Our customers can therefore continue to rely on the genuine human-grade quality of all ingredients for our menus for dogs.

During the planning and construction of the new Terra Canis production facility, great importance was placed on environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient construction. An ingenious, intelligent heat recovery system inside the building enables a production process to be implemented that saves a great deal of energy. The entire building has been constructed for optimal energy efficiency, meaning that energy can be saved in many areas. A meadow with special grasses and flowers has been planted across the entire roof of the Terra Canis production facility as a contribution to the renaturation of industrial areas, providing bees and birds with a natural habitat and food.

‘The new factory is a transparent production facility’, enthuses Birgitta Ornau. By ‘transparent’, she means that it provides a full insight into the production chain and ingredients. ‘We will even offer guided tours of our new production facility for our customers and partners so that everyone can see the genuine human-grade quality for themselves. You will of course also be able to meet our friendly master butchers and their team’.

Metzgermeister Sven Schmidt auf dem begrünten Dach der Produktion

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