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Turkey with sweet potato, cranberries and Superfoods

Vitamin diversity for every day

This BARF meal combines the important nutrients of various vegetables and fruits with delicious turkey meat and tasty sweet potatoes. Fans of slightly sweet dishes in particular will love this menu.

This is how to prepare the meal: Place a layer of boiled sweet potato and puréed celery on the bottom of the bowl. Add the turkey muscle meat and sprinkle finely chopped pieces of apple and grated carrot on top. Garnish the meal with some dried cranberries, rosemary and a spoonful of Terra Canis Superfoods.

While celery provides sufficient potassium, sweet potatoes provide a high proportion of starch. Apples, carrots and cranberries are real vitamin boosters and will strengthen the immune system of your dog. Turkey meat adds high-quality protein to the bowl.

The Terra Canis Superfoods blend is used to strengthen the organism. With 18 different superfoods in one product, it is the ideal choice to rebuild the mineral balance and to start the day with renewed strength either during or after an illness.

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