Cenpur Heart Complex – hawthorn and L-carnitine

  • 100% Human-grade quality of all ingredients
  • Dietary supplement with natural and plant-based active ingredients
  • Developed in conjunction with vets
  • With natural hawthorn
  • Supports the heart and blood vessels
Heart Complex – hawthorn and Lcarnitine
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Active ingredients from nature


Developed with veterinarians


Grain & gluten-free


100% natural


100% human-grade quality of all ingredients


Per capsule: hawthorn 20%, cellulose 4%, magnesium stearate 0.7%, capsule shell: hypromellose

CENPUR – Back to the roots of nature

The heart complex offers help from nature with hawthorn. Hawthorn is said to support the heart's power of action and to contribute to a healthy function of the blood vessels and the oxygen supply of the blood. Contained L-carnitine supports the energy supply of the heart.

The heart complex is suitable for all dogs as a dietary supplement, in particular as a dietary accompaniment for dogs with chronic and acute heart diseases. 

Content: 190 capsules (52.4 g)

About the Terra Canis CENPUR line
Nature is a miracle and as such produces thousands upon thousands of highly efficient plants and active agents that can enrich the organism. Animals have always used them as food or instinctively choose certain plants for their complaints and thus support their organism in a completely natural way. Our dogs have largely lost this evolutionary instinct.

Ever since its foundation, Terra Canis has dedicated itself to the philosophy of feeding the dog with what nature originally intended for it or its ancestor, the wolf. With the supplement line CENPUR, Terra Canis builds a bridge back to nature. CENPUR comprises a variety of natural active substances and nutrients that have a long tradition in natural lore.

Turmeric, milk thistle, passion flower, sango coral, devil's claw, olive leaf extract and chlorella algae – they all contain countless, highly efficient active ingredients and micronutrients and can support the organism of the dog. The CENPUR natural complexes as well as the respective dosages of the active ingredients have been individually balanced by our veterinarians Hanna Stephan and Dr Yvonne Kosanke to meet requirements.

A CENPUR complex can be used as a dietary treatment over several days or weeks, for the targeted supply of vitamins and minerals to the dog or as a long-term food supplement for healthy or ageing dogs to promote healthy organs and body functions, as daily, permanent support or for the targeted compensation of existing nutrient deficiencies. The easy to open capsules are made of natural cellulose.

and many more ...

Analytical components

Protein: 30.6 % fat content: 1.3 % crude fibre: 6 % crude ash: 1.5 % moisture: 1.5 % Flavonoids: 1.5 % Procyanidins: 0.06 %
kJ/100g: 14380

Nutritional additives/kg:

Per capsule: L-carnitine 147 mg (3a910)

Feeding recommendation

Up to 10 kg           2 x 1 - 2 capsules / day
10 – 30 kg              2 x 2 - 3 capsules / day
From 30 kg           2 x 3 - 4 capsules / day

A Cenpur complex should be used as a dietary supplement over several days or weeks as required, for the targeted supply of vitamins & minerals to the dog or as a permanent food supplement for healthy or aging dogs to promote healthy organs and body functions.
Mix the capsules as a whole or the powder (capsules easy to open) with the food.