Master butcher

For almost 15 years, Hermann Schäbitz and his Bavarian family butcher’s shop has stood for the excellent, special quality of our menus. Pet food was produced for the first time in a genuine human food company using exclusively human-grade quality ingredients. As the exclusive supplier, partner and friend of Terra Canis, he was the figurehead for Terra Canis production right from the very beginning. With the opening of our new dedicated production facility, he will now be able to enjoy his well-deserved retirement. Time for us to say thank you. Thank you for the time we have spent together, your concentrated master butcher expertise and for your unwavering and uncompromising commitment to quality. We at Terra Canis will of course maintain these standards 100%.    Hermann Schäbitz places the responsibility for the production of the dog menus in 100% human-grade quality of all ingredients into the hands of his two long-standing employees and master butchers Jens & Sven and the whole butcher's team. 

Both learnt the butcher's trade directly from him and will immediately take over the professional production of Terra Canis in the new factory. The seal ‘genuine Schäbitz quality’ will therefore continue to be used on all Terra Canis menus. Hermann Schäbitz will continue to support us as a consultant in the future.  Many thanks, Hermann! We hope you have a retirement that suits your style. Given what we know of you, it's more likely to be lively and cheerful rather than quiet.